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About Us

About Us

In 2008, Southwest tobacco farmers proud of their profession and their expertise , create Traditab to manufacture and market their own finished product. Engaged in a quality approach , they work daily to produce a tobacco while respecting the environment.

1637 : The trademark of the company Traditab

Rolling tobacco , to be cased , pipe , cigarette … 7 references are the 1637 range by offering a 100% tobacco grown in the Southwest . With 12,000 tobacconists partners and about 2.5% of market share rolling tobacco in France , the dream came true for producers : valuing part of the Southwest tobacco production under their own brand . With the arrival of the cigarette and pot ” Origin 1637 “, a new challenge is ahead. With a team of 33 people , Traditab is at your disposal to continue to grow the brand in 1637 …

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